Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fabulous Day in the Neighborhood

Is it really February 17th? (I had to double check to make sure I actually had the date right when I asked that question.) My point is: It's GORGEOUS out. Apparently, other parts of the country are not enjoying the beautiful weather we have today. We took a walk this morning to see our neighborhood llamas with Zane and Luke. Luke likes to trot right next to the stroller. That dog can run, too!

Right now, Kevin is out back ripping up the yard. He's getting ready to build his big ole wall back there. He's happier than a rutting pig. That's just his kind of thing. Taurus moon. Here is a pic:

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Holy heck! It's 62 degrees here!



Palm Springs Savant said...

fun blog...I enjoyed reading thru. u might like some of the celeb pics I've posted on mine recently and back in January with the Palm Springs filmfest. Anyway- nice job

Mel said...

Holy buckets....THAT'S where all the warmth went!

Lucky youse guys.

Julie said...

:-(.... I was so excited that we were up in the 20s seemed so warm, until now... :-(