Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sean and Erika WED!

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Yep, it was Vegas, Baby. Meaning I took my baby to Vegas. I left my camera here, so I'm experimenting with putting photos in here from Erika's dropshots page. I feel so cool.

So, Zane and I went to VEGAS. It was crazy and fun. It was GREAT to see everyone. And Sean and Erika got MARRIED!!! I suppose we all knew it would happen someday. I guess I knew sooner than most, but it was still a little weird to see them canoodling. ha ha. Gotta love the word canoodling.

Vegas was so much cooler than I thought it would be. Well, not temperature wise. But I just really never wanted to go to Vegas. Was just going for my dear friends' wedding. But I kinda like the all night all day feel of the casinos. I really would have loved to see some shows--esp. Cirque de Soleil. I would have even done some lightweight gambling (read: machines). I did do one machine. And then I convinced Amanda to be bad with me and drink a martini before noon and play the slots with a baby. Unfortunately, I got caught trying to play the slots with a baby. I don't know why, but that is a strict no no.

We flew in on Wednesday (after Zane puked in the car on the way to Seatac--As he would say, "Gheeyucky".) Had a nice dinner and hangout Wednesday night.

We all had breakfast together Thursday morning. Then I tried to corrupt Amanda. Then nap and getting ready for the wedding. Then we went to the wedding, which was lovely. Or I'm sure it would have been if I could have heard it over Zane's fussing. Go figure. Such a good boy. Except for the 10 minutes I needed him to be. Oh well. We had a petite reception in Erika and Sean's suite. The nice. Then on to Tony and Tina's Wedding performance. That was fun. Poor Zane had had it, though. And Tony's obnoxious relatives didn't really help his comfort level at all. Somehow, he fell asleep during all of it. When we got back to the Bellagio, it was just in time to see the fountains go off, which was way cool.

On Friday, we had breakfast in Paris. Was so cool and the service was much better than the "real" Paris. I am bad. So American. Then Zane and I flew home. He took a poo all over Tacoma. That was funny.

I'm going to go see if I can lift any more pics off of Erika's dropshots. How cool is this?

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When we got back, the whole family fawned all over Zane like crazy. It was so cute to see Kevin, Caspian, and my Mom all lovestarved for Zane. I guess they really missed, I mean us. It was fun and GREAT to see everyone, but it's also good to be home.


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