Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well, we have gotten a great opportunity to show off our new house--two sets of houseguests in the same week. Yes, it's been kinda crazy--esp. since it is also Caspian's first week of school--but it's been a lot of fun. Everyone took off today and the house feels oddly empty after about a week of activity.

The first set of guests were Kevin's friends from Pizza Man in Milwaukee. (If you ever get a chance to eat there, you should.) Chris and Lindsey came to the mighty Pacific Northwest to visit us and check out the area. They made us a fabulous stir fry dinner while they were here and we really just enjoyed hanging out with them. Here's some pics of that:

We had a really great time together and they both seemed to like Olympia, Vancouver, and Portland. Well, who wouldn't? Well, I'm assuming I would like Vancouver and Portland. Haven't been there yet, but I hear GREAT things. Hopefully Chris and Lindsey will be back soon.

Ok, baby calling. I better write about my other houseguests later.


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