Sunday, November 06, 2005

A DREAM Realized!

It was an odd little dream that I have harbored since around March. I wanted to dress my baby up as a priest. For some reason, this was the ultimate of funny in my perverse little brain. I think I felt even more stongly about this than getting a picture of him in a punkin patch--which was HUGE.

As you can see from the last blog entry, we dressed him as a Jedi to match Caspian for trick or treating. I just wasn't sure how a baby priest would go over in my mostly-working-class-possibly-Catholic neighborhood. But, I had the priest outfit at the ready b/c I figured I would use it one of the days at some sort of party.

Halloween came and went and I had not dressed him as a priest. I was getting desperate. So desperate that last night I took both boys to my friend Michele's yearly Halloween party. I am not a party goer usually. AND it was a dark and stormy night. Truly. And way past both boys bedtime. But I wanted to see some friends I rarely see.

And I had to dress my baby as a priest.

I wish I had gotten some pictures of the other people at the party, but I left my camera at home. The costumes were so good (as usual) that my 7 year old, Caspian, was even frightened by some of them. I did get a picture of the most important costume, and quite possibly, one of the most important occurences of my young (ahem) life.

So, without further ado, here is Father Zane.


Heather said...

Wow Terri, you are so young, and yet your child is a Father!!

LOVE the costume ZV!!!

xJx said...

AWWWW ZV is so adorable as a lil priest!!!

Terri said...

ha ha...I'm glad it's you, Lizzie. I was like, "Who is xjx? And why are they looking at my baby?" LOL.