Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gub Gub Gub, Family Photos, and other Crazy Ramblings

Well, it's Turkey Day, so perhaps you think the above (Gub Gub Gub) is some variation on "Gobble Gobble Gobble." It's not. It's Zane's new swear word. It's what he says when he's pissed off. He's added it to "ma ma ma ba ma ma ba bad ma" I prefer "gub gub gub" for obvious reasons. Plus, it's fun for us to say, too.

To all my loyal blog fans (are there 2 of you? maybe 3?) I apologize for my blog slacking. Here's the breakdown:

Full time job
Full time baby
One computer
Artist husband with new software

It just doesn't give me much computer time. So, to my public, I apologize. Let's just say it gives my blog some cache. Ha ha.

I have a lot to be thankful for. Last year at this time I was pregnant. I'm not pregnant now. I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for my family and that our dear baby Zane came to join us this year. I'm thankful for my extended family and friends and the marvelous spread my sister-in-law put out for us today. I'm thankful we've got all the necessities, if not the luxuries. (Hattie Briggs Lunt Sederholm is frowning down upon me. She prefered the opposite.) I'm thankful I know about Mercury Retrograde so I can just laugh at all the crazy mishappenings that have been happening lately. (In fact, I can't believe I'm even trying to do this today, considering. I'm such a renegade.) I'm thankful for the new INXS cd, Switch. And I'm thankful for all that other crap we should be thankful for, but would be boring to list here (husband, job, roof over head food, blah, blah, blah). I'm thankful that, in general, I know when I'm being boring and try to stop that.

We tried to have family portraits today. Just the four of us. I've been thinking about trying for months, but to get everyone showered and in decent clothes that don't match but don't clash and in the same place with someone who can take a photo and will take multiple photos in order to get a good one has been a daunting task in my mind. I figured today we were close to being there anyway with having to all go somewhere together. So I gave it a shot. I'm not a Sears Portrait Studio kinda gal, but it might get to that after the results we got today...

The general consensus seems to be that this one is the best. I think it looks like my chin sorta swallowed, well, my other chin. Oh well.

The funny thing about the pictures was that rarely did we ALL look bad. In general, 3 of us looked good and 1 of us looked heinous. In every shot. And we switched it up. America's Next Top Model, here we DON'T come. Oh well, that's more interesting that pretty photos, right? I'll see if Mercury will let me share some of the others.

OMG, Mercury seems to not want to let me. Suffice it to say that I am confused by the fact that Caspian seemed to not know he was to look at the camera and smile the whole time. I guess next time I'll have to tell him. Kevin and I knew, we just couldn't seem to accomplish it. You think the baby is going to be the wild card in the photos, but not so. Such is life. OK, I will try one more time.

And yes, Caspian is getting a haircut tomorrow. Allright, I'm thankful that I know to quit while I'm ahead.

Or maybe I don't. Hey, cafepress has new black t-shirts. They're pretty cool. Here's a crazy design Kevin made for his new wacko artist friends' board. I like it. Click to see some other black t-shirts. He's got that new software, so check back often as he's a creating fiend.

I do believe that's a wrap for now. And to Anya, wherever you are. I'm sorry if that scared you. And to everyone else, I'm sorry for all the obscure references tonight. Or maybe not. Was kinda fun. And perhaps educational. Now I think I need to go listen to the Buffy Musical. If you're a dedicated fan of the Buffy Musical, click here. (Thanks Merc, for that link.) It's funny, the things people do. I was "Where Do We Go?"

Oh yeah, and I'm really really really grateful for...



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