Monday, October 31, 2005

Bad Blogger: A Mishmosh from the Past Week.

Well, gosh, it's been so darn busy around here. But Kevin, of all people, has been bugging me to write a blog. Although he is privy to almost every moment of my life, apparently he thinks there is more that will come out if I sit in front of the computer. He is my dedicated Blogfan. sweet.

So, I was gonna blog the other day and I found something kinda cool...the muppets may be doing a doing a reality show called America's Next Muppet. Click on Kermie to read about it. This is exciting as I love both the
Muppets and America's Next Top Model. See, how important it is that I blog? These things need to be noted!

How 'bout that Supreme Court nominee? Bad Bush. Bad Bush. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Kevin's Bedhead extravaganza has inspired artist Anne McDonald. This is so cool. No shit. She wrote Kevin and said that he was the inspiration. Check out her bed head design.

So, Cousin Haggis called and said his kidnappers wanted to see my kids in a Pumpkin Patch or they were gonna cut off a digit. Here's some pics for ya, Haggy.

Whew. Now Haggy should be safe. We had a great day of family fun yesterday. First, at the pumpkin patch. And then, Trick or Treating. For some reason, it was vitally important I get pictures of the baby in a pumpkin patch. I think Kevin could tell that if it didn't work out with this one, I might need another baby. He helped me make it happen.

Here are some more fun family pics...

A big topic of discussion on my Mom's list this week has been car seat safety. For the location of a car seat safety check near you, click on Zane below (who is apparently NOT seated correctly in this pic or the car. We're working on that.)

Finally, just to give everyone a good scare on Halloween, Zane and I did a post-nap bed head picture together this afternoon.


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Heather said...

THANK YOU KEVIN!! For forcing your woman to finally blog! j/k LOVE the newest entry Terri, you make me laugh, as usual! :)