Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Transfer of Cuteness and Lazytown

My other blog has been cuteness central for some time now, but I think it may be right to cute things up around here as well. I do have a backlog of cute going on right now because we've still been taking some decent pictures and I just haven't had time to blog them. Zane loves the show Lazytown, which he calls "Crazytown", aptly enough. Here he is as the hero of Lazytown, Sportacus:

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Here is how my feelings about Lazytown have progressed. Mild repulsion to mild interest to appreciation that it occupies my kid to fascination to real respect and adoration. Once you get past the crazy cartoony look of it and the utter ridiculousness (done on purpose), you can really start to appreciate not only the message (which is great), but the brilliance of the understated humor and acting. And, of course, there is music. Check it out. Especially if you have a 2 year old.


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