Monday, March 05, 2007

What's Been Goin' On?

Well, let's see.

Mercury has been retrograde. So, a lot of crazy communication blips have been going on. Some with spouses, some with machines. Some with pirates in restaurant offices. Huh? Well, we had to go pick up some of Caspian's clothes today since he missed the last day of theatre camp. We were supposed to go to this restaurant office, which we did, and it was full of pirates, but no clothes. Odd, that. The one non-pirate who was supposed to have the clothes said they were in his car at home. Go figure. We'll have to go back.

Kevin is supposed to be having a contract sent to him for his first story being published. Still waiting on that.

I'm supposed to be training for my real job at work. Still waiting on that.

Luke is supposed to be housetrained. Still waiting on that.

But, I have decided to make a cool slideshow of some ultra-cute pictures Kevin took of Luke in the past couple of days. Are you ready? Well, I have to go make it. Just a sec. Ok, here it is:

Cute, huh?


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