Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Caspian's Room is Done!

Wow, could it be? Sacre bleu! (Is that right?) We may be done working on the house for a while. Zane's room has the nature theme and Caspian's is a space station. Kevin has a very specific way of explaining something about being on a deck of a space station looking out of a window. I dunno. It's spacey and stationy and real, real, REAL cool.

Kevin says, "It's meant to look as if you're on a space station standing in the observation deck, floating in the upper atmosphere of a planet."

Yeah, that's what I meant.

Here are the happy brothers together:

The room is a far cry from all the pink it was when we got here. I hope Caspian has years and years and years of happiness in his new room. I asked him and some adult men if he would get sick of it and think it was babyish when he became a teenager. Both Caspian and the adults said, "No way." And Kevin said, "I'd like to have a room like this now."

Well, it's hard to say when Kevin and my room will be done. Not until at least next summer, and I'm fine with that. (Sooooo tired of painting mess and dishevelledness.)


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