Monday, August 07, 2006

We Like to Label Our Kids

Zane's newest obsession is gaulk. To the rest of the world, that is "chalk". He is getting pretty good at coloring with it, too. Here he is trapped in his stroller so we could relax a little without him running around the driveway and into the street and all that. We are trying to teach him colors, with the help of Signing Time, but to no avail yet. According to him, everything is "blue". He signs and says "blue" very well.

Kevin has been hard at work on the kitchen FOREVER and it finally is getting there. We have a dishwasher, oh joy of joys. It is so nice to have a dishwasher, FINALLY. It only took about 6 weeks to get it properly installed and working. But who's counting? Oh, I think my mother may have been. We have done a lot of eating out for lunch. We take walks to see a few llamas and an alpaca almost every night. It's a short jaunt. Zane calls them "the pacas". Caspian will be back in a few weeks and then school. Where has the summer gone? Well, it's still here, so I'm going to go enjoy it!


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