Friday, December 30, 2005

Kevin's Bday, Christmas, & other Milestones

So, my sweet husband turned 35 on 12/9. Oooh my. We are getting old. Oh well. Here's the festivities...

Making a wish

ZV's first cheesecake is off to the side of the plate. :)

Christmas was not without it's share of drama, but I'm glad to say we all pulled through and it was a nice time. My bro was the star with his handmade wooden gifts. Very special!

Kevin poses in front of his feast.

My Dad taking a pic of Caspian taking a pic of my Dad.

Zane-ta Claus

The blocks Uncle Tim made for Zane. Truly an heirloom. The whole family gets involved.

A bizarre standoff at Grandma's.

Caspian in the shirt Kevin made him.

One of the most surreal exchanges of the season.

My mom, "What does 'Cas' stand for?"

CASpian, "Where does it say that?" (on the shirt he was wearing--he thought it was a dragon?!?!)

The obligatory family self portrait. :)

Allrighty, what were the milestones?

Hmmm...we learned that when Zane says "Gheee" which he has been doing forever, he means "Binkie"

Zane clapped today for the first time!

Zane had his first cold. :( I blame the doctor's office. And, for the astrologers in the audience, the transiting north node on my chiron in Aries in the 5th house.

He's walking pretty well.

He's chewing really well.

Begging for our food constantly.

Great at putting blocks in things.

Peek-a-boo master & other jokes.

There, those are some good milestones.

Love and peace to all.

2005 was a great year for us and I am really looking forward to 2006!


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