Monday, December 05, 2005

Jolly Old St. Nick

Ok, this is like my 4th blog entry today. I just can't stop. See, we have this little custom here in Milwaukee of celebrating St. Nick's day tomorrow, Dec 6th. The kids hang their stockings tonight and get a bunch of crap, I mean goodies, in them in the morning. I kinda like it. Takes the edge off before Christmas. It seems other places really do not have this custom. I wonder if I can find a link. Ok, found St. Nick below to learn more.

Tomorrow also happens to be the birthday of Lynn Fontanne. Happy Birthday, Lynn. Click her below to learn more.

And Caroline Jane Barrett's birthday is tomorrow, too. Since she is turning the ripe old age of one year tomorrow and is the granddaughter of a dear friend, I really have no links on her. But Happy Birthday to Caroline, too!

December 6th is a big day around here.


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Heather said...

Happy belated everything!