Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Zoo

We went to the zoo last week. It was pretty fun. It certainly was a gorgeous place, nestled right above the Puget Sound. We always have mixed emotions about the zoo. Because we love animals. Are zoos good or bad for animals? Mmmmm. Mixed emotions. I'm sure zoos do a lot of good and mostly animal lovers work or volunteer there. (Right? You'd have to be, right?) It was fun taking Zane. It was his first time. Lemme see if I can find our favorite picture

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He seemed to like it, even though he was in a weird mood most of the day. I think it was just a lot of stimulation. He did love his fish cup. You gotta take a kid to the zoo, right? And whilst there, they gotta get an animal cup, right?

Well, check it off the list. We did it. My little fish (Pisces) picked out a fish cup. We might go to some other zoos around here, too. Time will tell.



Sharon said...

Love that picture :)
We took RJ after his surgery, he was 15 months old or so. He loved the giraffes.

Retta said...

I love this picture! Great shot ;-)

Terri said...

Thanks! I think Kevin took it. :)