Tuesday, July 03, 2007

DYM: Pancakes

Allright. I've talked about Mercury Retrograde here before. It's going on now. I've decided to share my Mercury Rx stories as I feel like it and make a WHOLE FREAKIN' category for them, in honor of Astrological knowledge. I am calling it DYM! DYM is a little acronym that my friend Heather and I use. It stems from her son learning about Mercury Retrograde, having some experiences, and then shouting, fists towards the Heavens, "Damn you, Mercury!"

So, here is my first (official) DYM story:

I am up before everyone in my house today. All is well. I'm getting quiet time as I get ready. I decide to have my new favorite breakfast, silver dollar pancakes. I decide to take it out of the microwave tin and put it on a lovely little blue plate with some sliced up bananas. Also on my plate is a veggie sausage patty. Everything is round. Everything is beautiful. Coffee is brewing. There are not even any 2-year olds awake who want to snatch my limited portions of food. Life is good.

How could it be better? Well, I don't like syrup, so I decide to use some cinnamon on my lovely concoction. We have cinnamon sugar handy on our table, but I decide to be oh-so-good (weight loss) and get the straight cinnamon from the cabinet. I feel fairly certain I know what I'm doing as I grab it and delicately sprinkle it on my lovely little plate of round items.

And then I smell it. An odd sort of scent for the morning. Where is THAT coming from? Oh NO! I look down at the spice in my hand: CUMIN!


Here's the thing about DYMs, though. They are usually not the most terrible thing that can happen. It usually turns out allright in the end. Of course, I didn't have any more silver dollar pancakes in the house, but they weren't that bad. Yep. I ate 'em. I can sorta still taste the cumin, though. I figure the must do something like this somewhere in the world. Mexico, maybe?



Heather said...

Ahhhh, mercury. We have been having a ton of little DYM moments over here too. A cute recent one from this weekend.... (we observed it, it didn't happen to us)

On the way to Denver, probably somewhere in Littleton I pointed out about a dozen Harley Davidson's riding in a pack in front of us when some sort of crotch rocket bike comes up on our left. Austin commented that it wanted to join the pack and Bobby and I laughed and said they would kick him out. The Harley's exited off the freeway and the crotch rocket sped ahead of us.

About 5 minutes later on the shoulder of the road we see the guy on the crotch rocket broken down on the side of the road. We joked that he got kicked out of the group, but I whispered to Bobby it was mercury.

PS. The credit card machine at my acupuncturists office went down last week after only being a month old.

Lisa said...

Ewww! Sounds grody! I like your new effort to document the DYM's, though - that's great!!

Anonymous said...

oh no! Not the cumin

Retta said...

We could start a whole blog of DYM's -lol- Cumin and pancakes ... blah sounds icky. I think I would have gone and had some toast instead.

Terri said...

Heh heh. Yeah. Too many DYMs today to even list, I think!

Sharon said...
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