Saturday, November 08, 2008

Zane and Vegetables

So, Zane has been on a vegetable boycott for a long time now. Whenever we put any on his plate, he says, "But I don't like vegetables."

Any that happen into his mouth, he will take out and say, "There was a vegetable in that."

Sometimes he asks me what I want him to eat. I'll say something like "broccoli" and he says, "but I don't like vegetables".

You get the idea.

But then he's oddly adventurous in wanting to try everything. So the other night at dinner he decided to try some broccoli. He didn't really like it. Some of it he ate. Mostly, he didn't. He said it was ok.

Just now I was eating some carrots. He said, "Mom, since I tried a vegetable last night, I think I should try another vegetable."

I said, "Ok. What do you want to try."

"I'll try a carrot."

"Ok, great."

So I get him the carrot and tell him to chew a lot because it's crunchy. He chews it. I ask, "What do you think?"



"But not that good."

Chew chew chew.

Then he gets a plate out of the cabinet and spits it on the plate!

Good, but not that good.

Maybe I should have taken a picture of that?


Michael Sherlock said...

My brother is still like that now...its a pain but at least he is trying. he may gen uinely not like vegetables.

people say at my age i should start liking them btu i really dont...instead of cooked vegetables i eat salad...which is very tasty.

so when i say i dont like vegetables..i mean cooked ones. Im cool with raw vegetables...and one in chow mein and shit

Terri said...

Raw veggies is better for you anywhoo. Good on ya.