Sunday, July 06, 2008

More great flash fiction from Kevin Shamel

He's a great up and coming writer who I just happened to have married. Let's hear it for Kevin Shamel, everyone, being published yet again at This is a fun story with something of an ecotwist. Go, read it now. And rate it. And comment. Do you like narwhales? Then definitely go read it right now! If you go today, July 6, it will be on the front page. If not, here's the direct link: To Save the Disco.

Here's another picture of Kevin for you.

I think this picture is saying, "Go, read it."

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ps: I might even start blogging about other stuff again soon. Might. Mwahh haa haaa!

1 comment:

M.F.S said...

I love that picture.

Duel eyes...

Read the damn story people...the narwhales want you to!