Friday, October 26, 2007

Full Moon + Mercury Retrograde = ::SHUDDER::

Well, yes, I did not update y'all that Mercury was Retrograde. Probably because Mercury was retrograde. Ugh. I didn't even figure it out until Loretta IM'd me about it. I kinda did figure it out because I had the most hellacious trip with Zane the weekend it started. Really. SO MANY things went wrong, ending with the stomach flu (or rotovirus, as someone corrected me) for the whole fam damily. Eeeeeek! What about the rest of y'all? Has it been the worst Mercury Retro for you EVAH? Tell me your stories and we can cry in our herbal tea together. Oh, and the moon is full now. Should be fun. When does the fun end? Well Mercury goes direct on November 1st. Expect some Mercurial tricks on Halloween!



Retta said...

Ha! LOL Damn you mercury!!! It's been a very crazy hectic retrograde for me. And what's this .... actually blog posting by Terri today! Wooo :-)

Jennifer said...

Nothing particularly out there, but I've definitely been feeling it! I just pointed out to someone yesterday that mercury was retrograde. (and just a year ago, I had no idea what that meant hehe)

Good to see you :)