Monday, September 24, 2007

A Little Bit of Salaciousness

Hmmm...not sure if I spelled that right in the title. No, it's not about my life. My life is somewhat dull. Somewhat. It's the book I'm reading...

This book has a slight edge of the Harlequin romance, but I am a sucker for historical fiction. The Other Boleyn Girl is all about Anne Boleyn's rise to (and fall from) power, told from the perspective of her sister, who was also a mistress to King Henry VIII. Once I got used to the romancey scenes, I really enjoyed it. I have also read Gregory's other work, which focused on the the time immediately following Henry VIII's death and Queen Elizabeth's rise to power...

It's interesting to see a historical period and figures from an insider's perspective, even if that perspective is a good deal of speculation. The characters really come to life, and it helps me keep my history straight. Ha. If you like historical fiction, check these out, and tell me what you think.


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