Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hangin' on the PORCH!

Allright, you will now see why I fell in love with my porch. Check it out:

It is sooooooooooooooo gorgeous here. And look how cute my kid looks in the pretty chair on the porch. We were going to make my mom get rid of this furniture until we met our porch. I said, "If that furniture belongs anywhere, it's on that porch." And golly gee willikers if I wasn't right.

The weather has been gorgeous. They say it rains here a lot, but we sure haven't seen it. It's almost been a little too sunny for us. Sheesh, we are trying to escape that!

The neighbors have been so friendly and have given us all sorts of treats. Lots to do on the house, but it's been fun and Zane is having a blast. I think my mom even likes our new spicy pumpkin living room. She never thought she'd be living like this in "her old age" as she says.

And theeee coolest thing happened today. A friend of ours that we know through someone in Milwaukee who just happens to live here now, just walked RIGHT PAST OUR HOUSE! I had been meaning to get in touch with her and had just been too busy to track her down. She just walked her dog, RIGHT PAST OUR HOUSE. Turns out, her girlfriend lives 3 houses down and she is like 5 blocks away. HOW cool is that? And they also turned us on to the most awesome brunch place. Olympia ROCKS!


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