Sunday, May 21, 2006

House...Found, Work...DONE!

Well, things have been insane around here in the past month. But we DID find a house in Olympia!!! Not at ALL what we thought we would get, but it is perfect. Bedrooms for everyone and an office. Close to downtown, fabulous park, historic neighborhood. The house was built in 1889.

I had my last day of work at Ten Chimneys after 8 1/2 years on Friday, 5/19/06. Kevin had his last night of work at Pizza Man after 4 1/2 years last night. Caspian had his last day at Honey Creek after 3 years on Friday, 5/19/06. Here I am at work on my last day, deleting 37 messages from Kevin and Zane...

They had a lovely going away party for me with flowers and a banner and cake and a fabulous bracelet as a gift and a wonderful scrapbook with notes from staff and volunteers and all sorts of pictures and materials from the time I was there. It was a great going away. I felt a little like I was at my own wake or funeral. Man, everyone should leave town at least once. People said the NICEST things. Was very sweet. (Sheesh, I am so not eloquent today.)

And, just for fun, here's a picture of Zane on the couch. He has started talking a lot. As I type, he is running around with a tiger on a motorcycle, saying, "Vrrroooooommm" He is also very good with "Buh Byyyyyyyye", which we will say to Milwaukee on 5/31/06. He's lookin' less like a baby, isn't he?


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