Friday, April 14, 2006

Houses, Houses, Houses, & Puppy Bucket Hat

We're off to Olympia to house hunt in 5 days. I'm obsessed with houses. I cannot stop thinking about them. I am imagining my crappy furniture in these lovely places. I am imagining my mother's decent-but-not-my-taste furniture alongside my crappy furniture in these places. I am wondering how this is all going to work and if Design on a Dime would ever consider coming to Washington. I am imagining my sons growing up in these places. Being teenagers!!!! in these places. I am imagining them have friends over. I am imagining who might live near there and what the schools might be like and what food places might deliver to these places. I am imagining friends and family from WI and ID and other places visiting us in these places (which makes me think the place should be big, no?)

Well, here are the contenders...

Our current favorite, Ramblewood Lane:

Other contenders:

And then, just for fun, here's Puppy Bucket Head and Wagon Boys. Can you imagine them as teenagers? I can.


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